21. Australia.

I draw nonsense.

None currently.

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Baby, you can drive my car...
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oh dear. :oS

I should be able to send a claim for it so I’m sure it won’t be too much of an issue. Just need to make sure I do everything correctly and send in documentation to the police and stuff and I think get a license… but I’m waiting for the police to get back to me after I sent an email today.

Ah well, it’s pretty interesting and at least I’ll know for future just in case!

Got in trouble with customs & border protection service


Okay so I was messing around and stuff happened and I’m sorry but not sorry because I do really like giving Sam glasses and something oversized so.

And there’s always someone who says nothing can be oversized on Sam. I advise you to think this through a little more. If you find you are still at the same conclusion you haven’t thought hard enough. Do not pass go do not collect £200.



It’s just so frustrating and upsetting and argghh

Draws Sam and Gabriel constantly (and still not very well)

Goes to draw Dean

Fails hard


For Ishy, my best friendsieee

Though I feel this is not good enough it’s all I have in me tonight. ;-;

Gabriel and his dog Mally from our AU.

Thanks everyone who joined my stream even just for a little. Sorry it randomly stopped for a bit at the end there, it automatically turned off, derp.

Maybe I should organise myself better to not do one when everyone needs to go to sleep but yeah.

It was good to get a start on Xander & Anya so thanks for keeping me company. xox

Another WIP at present. November is near! Cannot wait to see Swain again.

aria-lerendeair: You had better stream at least for a little bit tomorrow, because I will have ridiculous amounts of fun with you in it so you totally should, because I'm having way too much fun procrastinating my Sastiel Big Bang that's due on Monday. <3 LOVE YOU YOU AMAZING ARTIST YOU.

Omg, hahaha. I guess I’ll have a think about it. <3

Ah, procrastination. I know it well.

Love you too, hon!


Me too, Aragorn. Me too.